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Video Clips

If you have broadband (1megabit or higher) you should be able to steam the video's without first downloading them.

However, if you are on a slower connection, you will need to RIGHT click on the video you want, and select "Save Target As" and save it somewhere so you can play the clip when you have it all - otherwise you will get irritating gaps in the playback!

The RM files will need either or Real Alternative

The WMV files will need


First seen TV Ad for series 6 (2.3mb) (.mpg)

Denny & Shaz

Macy Gray - Sweet Baby (6.3 MB) (.RM) (From badgirls.up.co.il)

It's Been A While - Staind (8.7 MB) (.WMV)

Clips from the show

Series 4 Episode 16 - Denny & Shaz reunited (2.3 MB) (.WMV)

Series 4 Episode 16 - Shaz shows Denny the mushrooms (2.2 MB) (.WMV

Series 4 Episode 16 - Denny & Shaz on the mushrooms (1.8 MB) (.WMV)


Series 2, Episode 9
Shaz arrives in Larkhall (4MB - mpg)
Shown cell by Di Barker (11MB - mpg)
Meets Denny and Shell (11MB - mpg)
Playing Pool with Denny (7MB - mpg)

Series 2, Episode 10
Meets Dominic (11.8MB - mpg)
Tells Denny about her crime, then gets told about the sex lines (23MB - mpg)
Introduced to Yvonne by Denny (3.7MB - mpg)
Looking at Denny's scar, then plan night out (7.6MB - mpg)
Taking soap blocks for the night out (1.5MB - mpg)
Pretending to choke, to wind up Bodybag - 8MB - mpg)
Stuffing tissue in door lock in preparation for night out (8.4MB - mpg)
Shaz & Denny's night out (19.6MB - mpg)
Rushing back to cell, then marvelling at the results in the morning (19MB - mpg)
Talking to Bodybag (11MB - mpg)
In cell with Denny, #Denny gets threatened by Rene (11.8MB - mpg)


Series 4, Episode 16
Series 4 Episode 16 - Shaz arrives back at Larkhall (1.5MB - wmv)


Series 4 Episode 14 - Denny gets told about her mum (2.7 MB) (.WMV)

Cassie & Roisin

Series 4 Episode 16 - This adopt a prisoner is just wallpaper (2.1 MB) (.WMV)

Jim & Karen

Series 4 Episode 16 - The gun is discovered (1.9 MB) (.WMV)


Series 4 Episode 16 - Yvonne gets dragged down the block (0.6 MB) (.WMV)