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Series 4 Episode 16 (Final Episode of Series 4)

Here are quite a few screen shots from the episode

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The episode starts with some of the photos from Di Barker, and
Neil Grayling's wedding.


There is an open day planned for Larkhall, but unfortunately some little Picasso (as Sylvia puts it) has graffitid the art room, so all the open day stalls are being moved into the library. As a result, all the books are getting moved.
 Snowball is worried that her "things" may be found in the books,
so she frantically searches through the books, till she finds what she had hidden.


Cassie & Roisin are discussing the mothers in prison, Cassie puts it to Roisin that she would have her kids with her if she could, the reply is
"What!, have them live in a cell, seeing me bossed about by screws?"
"I want my kids to have a normal life"
Cassie then responds with "So do I, with two mums"


Julie J & Julie OK think now is a great time to show Julie S the intro to the rap they are planning, Julie S is not impressed with them barging in, and disturbing her thoughts, Julie OK demonstrates her rhyming skills perfectly.


Meanwhile back with Snowball. She is setting the alarm clock for 11:00


She then connects the wires to her creation..


and closes it up in the specially designed books


then places them on a book shelf


Snowball then sees Babs glasses on the table, and decides to pinch them.


Julie OK gives Miss Barker (Mrs Grayling) a card from all of the G Wing girls,
Di is thrilled!

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