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Series 4 Episode 15

Here are quite a few screen shots from the episode

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The episode starts with Ritchie Atkins waiting outside HMP Larkhall 
with a single red rose

Neil and Di arrive.
Di reminds Neil that it's soon going to be Mr & Mrs Grayling
and nobody has suspected a thing,

When Karen arrives, Ritchie goes over to greet her with the rose.
Karen is not happy that he has turned up at work

But still takes the rose, and agrees to meet him later

Sylvia is going through the morning post, and comes across a letter to Denny

She has a quick read, and sees it is from Shaz

"Only one place for this filth" she mutters,
she then rips it up

..and puts it in the bin

Just then, Babs walks in, and gives her a "What are you up to" look

Karen and Neil are having a chat, Karen tells Neil about her and Ritchie
Neil is totally OK about it all
Karen is clearly relieved

Just after Karen leaves the room, the phone rings
Neil's face drops as soon as he hears what the caller tells him

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